Saturday, 5 May 2012

Time to talk about Ken

Hypothetical question - would Boris be London's Mayor if Labour had run another candidate, say for example, Oona King, the Baroness from Bow?


Anonymous said...

No. Boris would be looking for a new job today.

JM said...

Really, it's the same reason that Cameron looked good for a while.

Ken admitted to being a rich-socialist, hypocritical, racist tax dodger and got 48% of the vote. Boris, well, admitted to being Boris and got 51%.

Dave looked good against the cretin Ed Milli, until Dave proved himself to be a suave, PR-orientated uber-cretin.

Much as it makes me want to visit the sick bucket, if Blair were back, he'd walk the the Labour leadership, the Tory leadership and the Mayoralty - probably all at the same time.

dearieme said...

And yet Blair has a good claim to be our worst ever PM.