Thursday, 10 May 2012

57 percent of investors think a euro-exit is inevitable.

In a poll of its subscribers Bloomberg found that 57 percent of investors, analysts and traders said at least one country will abandon the euro by year-end. Which country do you think they have in mind?

While we are on the subject, is there anyone out there who thinks that the UK should adopt the Euro. Isn't it funny how that question suddenly became a non-question.

Aren't the Lib-Dems in favour of the Euro? Actually, they aren't alone. Here are a couple of pieces in favour of UK eurozone membership:

Britain should consider joining the euro

UK will ultimately join euro says Lord Heseltine

Britain Should Join the Euro, Asap

Mandelson kicks off new pro-euro campaign


Anonymous said...

Incredible that anyone could suggest euro membership for the uk.

ernie said...

If you've spent your political life saying that the euro was a great idea (Mandelson,Heseltine,Clarke etc) I guess you think it's the best way of saving face so that you keep saying you are still right even now. Actually it just shows that you are utterly bonkers of course.