Saturday, 10 December 2011


David Cameron - Patriot and Freedom Fighter


Stevie b. said...


The Germans are desperate to pay the minimum necessary to maintain their economic advantage (and who can blame them), whilst the Frogs are just plain desperate - but warty & warranted downgrades are coming their way anyway.

Who wants to be immersed in such a euro-rabble? We are not isolated - we're now insulated! The world is a bigger, better, beckoning place for us than being hog-tied to this disparate band of disjointed desperadoes.

But....we do really need to sort out the City...all this rehypothecation stuff is scary!

droog said...

Funny that it took a pro-austerity right wing treaty to get the pro-austerity right-wing UK government to grow a brain.

Any praise for Gordon Brown and the five economic tests? He was pretty bad pretty often but right now he looks prescient.

RenterGirl said...

So: to whom are we going to sell those products we need to make now? The Empire we (mercifully) no longer have. This is a bad day.

Xen said...

Yep, that's a face one would never tire of punching.

Before you get too carried away with your 'Hero', swoon, you should really read some other thoughts on what's gone on, like Here and Here

I believe the term is, duped.

Richard said...

"So: to whom are we going to sell those products we need to make now?"

The same people we always sold them to, I would have thought. Demand for goods and services doesn't disappear because someone did or did not sign something. We may have an uncomfortable patch while people vent their spleen at us, but in the long run there will still be demand, and supply for that demand. Europe hasn't suddenly vanished.

dearieme said...

And so we wave the others farewell as they depart on their Titanic. Unfortunately, we may be on our own Lusitania.

Debt; the trouble is debt. And, boy oh boy, G Brown is responsible for huge piles of it.

Anonymous said...

Please refrain from following the latest trend of describing ever Tom, Dick and freekin' Harry as a hero.
Reserve the word for the genuine doers of great and selfless deeds,

Vodka drinker said...


Relax, I sense an ironic quality to this post.

Laban said...

The general mood of Telegraph commenters seemed to be 'two cheers - and keep your powder dry'.