Sunday, 18 September 2011

The UK's shrinking workforce

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Anonymous said...

How do we compare to other European countries?

Electro-Kevin said...

We shouldn't be comparing with other European countries.

That's defeatist.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how you, or THEY, arrived at the figures for 2011 to 2040, must be a good crystal ball.
Seeing as you've also been brainwashed into thinking that the circumstances in 1950 mirror the circumstances of today, you might like to know that in 1950 the National Insurance contributions were used exactly for that purpose. Unemployment money and pensions were, in view of the fact that every worker paid into the pot, "entitlements".
Since successive governments have been using the NIC to further their ideological pet projects like, educating Africa, feeding Africa, housing Africa, policing the world, Bombing innocent men women and children around the world, it's no wonder the pot is fucking empty. Pensions and unemployment money are now BENEFITS.
Stop copying and pasting and do a little reseach.

Ted said...

This graph looks rather suspect and little more then Conservative party propaganda as they try to drive through pension reforms some of which I completely accept are necessary. But this looks like scaremongering tosh.

I suppose given that the entire western would economic financial system could easily implode as early as next month thanks to the wonderful EU Club Meds and the US deficit does any of it really matter its already too late to worry.

Laban said...

But don't worry. All those pensioners will still be working.

Electro-Kevin said...

Anon at 13.35 -

We all know one thing. This cannot go on. I think that's all AC is trying to say.

Brainwashed ?

She's been out on her own for so many years that it can only have been through self hypnosis.

Everything she's said is turning out to be true - in the most grotesque fashion, I might add.

Alice - keep up the good work.

Alice Cook said...

The chart comes from OECD data. 2040 is a projection. It might not happen. For example, the life expectancy for over 65s could for some unspecified reason could crash, thus improving the ratio.

Perhaps it will all turn out alright and my chart was just alarmist nonsense.


Anonymous said...

"improving the ratio"
Says it all, no dear, your dealing with people not fucking ratios.

Anonymous said...

If you want a *real* shock, add on "The unemployed", "The people on the sick", "Housewives/househusbands", "Students" and "People paid by taxes like police/government/nurses" to your figures.

You'll find we're all living off the sterling efforts of a single primary producer. Called Dave. He's from Skegness and he hates his job...

The ratio said...


Of course, the "ratio" refers to a statistic defined as one number divided by another. The numbers measure categories of people.

If the ratio improves it means that pension provision becomes more financially viable.

How the fuck do you think the world works, you dickwipe.