Thursday, 23 July 2009

The FTSE is on a roll

The index has recovered all the lossed made during the first half of this year.


Anonymous said...

The index has recovered all the losses made during the first half of this year............only to give it all up again and more during the second half of the year!

RF said...

There is also last year's losses, the FTSE is still way down from its previous peak.

mike said...

The volatility in the band between 4000 and 4500 suggests there are still many short term investors around. I bet trading software will probably say 'sell' right now for those investors.

Anonymous said...

The Yorkshire and Barnsley Building Societies are offering 5% on three year savings bonds - a definite uptick. Either a) they (one entity) are about to o belly up, or b) interest rates are going to be moving further up still as might be expected from all the recent monetary loosening.

And that could well presage uninteresting company profits and a slide back down of the Stock Market.

B. in C.