Wednesday, 27 May 2009

We had no idea he was a fraudster.

This is a shameful performance by Nick Clegg, who vainly tries to explain why he won't repay money the Lib Dems received from a convicted fraudster. The clip is a few days old, but it loses none of its shock value as time passes.

Give the money back Clegg.


Anonymous said...

He can't give it back, he has spent it and they have no other large donors.

Cleft, meet stick.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Alice, it's not a question of the Lib Dem's 'giving it back' and it's irrelevant whether he is a convicted fraudster or not - what is relevant is that Brown was not UK resident and had no active UK business via which to channel said money.

If there were any justice (which there ain't, of course), then El Comm would ask the Court for the money to be forfeited to HM Treasury, like they did with UKIP two years ago (which was a large part of what prompted me to finally join UKIP, but that's another story).

Anonymous said...

I'm not happy with our politicians as a whole at the moment, but this is very cheap, shock jockey, journalism from the beeb.

wildgoose said...

As Mark says, compare and contrast with the treatment handed out to UKIP over a donation from an honest resident UK taxpayer - the Treasury seized the money because of a mislaid form.

In this case, this is stolen money that should be returned to its rightful owners.

It really is as simple as that.