Wednesday, 27 May 2009

If in doubt, blame your husband

Obvious question; should a woman who lacks "the experience" to take control of her own expenses claims also be elected as a member of parliament?

Julie Kirkbride offered the most pathetic excuse of all. She pointed her finger at her ruined partner.

Stand up and be a woman, Julie. Take responsibility for your own mistakes.

From today's Times....

In an interview carried out this evening after David Cameron warned that she had “questions to answer”, Ms Kirkbride appeared to blame her husband, Andrew MacKay, the Conservative MP for Bracknell, who announced last week that he will leave Parliament at the next general election, for giving her bad advice when she first became an MP.

While admitting that she knew how her husband had structured his expenses claims, she added that she had gone along with him due to her lack of experience. “He was told to do that by the Fees Office shortly after we got married, and he took that advice,” she said.


John McClane said...

Didn't Tessa Jowell use much the same excuse?

Mitch said...

"had structured his expenses claims"

This just sums it up, they are not claiming for legit expense they are plotting to steal.

Markbaldy said...

They are not fit to hold ANY job, never mind one in public office.
Sack the lot of them, they are thieves and no longer have any credibility or moral standing with those that they are supposed to be serving - ie US, the British public !