Friday, 29 May 2009

The future of British Politics

Oh Lordy.....

Lets face it, the British electorate and Esther were made for each other.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately she has a dreadful mix of ideas like you hear in any public bar. She would be hopeless as an MP.

Anyway, the only contribution an independent makes to Parliament is if they take a safe seat from one of the big boys. Any specific concern gets addressed to ensure the return of that seat to the fold at the following election. Beyond that, she is wasting everyone's time and merely massaging her ego by even contemplating standing.

Martin Bell achieved nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anon: "Martin Bell achieved nothing."

Martin Bell wasn't supposed to achieve anything, he was the unofficial wing of Tony Blairs New Labour party. Drawn from the ranks of the BBC which in turn are drawn from the left leaning Guardian readership. Bell was always a paid up member of the project.

You are right in so far as one independent can not achieve much in a Parliament dominated by the two big parties. But we have a chance to destroy the Party hegemony by electing a lot of independents.

And no, I wouldn't vote for Rancid either.

Anonymous said...


Let's hear it for Ester. Let's have sausage vouchers for all.