Thursday, 14 May 2009

Blame displacement

I can't believe this story. Labour MPs are trying to finger the man who administered their expenses. "Its not our fault, we only made the claims. He, Andrew Walker, approved them".

Apparently, they want to fire this public servant. According to the twisted logic of many Labour MPs, their outrageous claims, which in many cases, borders on outright fraud, only merits a self serving apology. However, the man who followed their rules deserves the sack?

Of course, this highlights the utter moral bankruptcy of these people. Can they crawl any lower? Everyday they keep surprising us.

From today's Times

The man in charge of the Commons Fees Office that approved questionable claims is coming under pressure to stand down, as the expense scandal engulfs Parliament.

Andrew Walker, the Commons director general of Resources, who has overseen the MPs’ expenses system throughout the present crisis, has come under fire for the way in which he has administered the system.

Many MPs are turning their fire on the parliamentary authorities, saying that they approved claims and told them that they were within the rules. They have also attacked the fees office for offering uneven guidance to different MPs. Mr Walker was already a target of many MPs for reforms pushed through between 2002 and 2008 to tighten up the system of expenses.

Now senior Labour backbenchers are making clear that they are unhappy with his performance, and think that he must go as part of Parliament’s attempts to clean up. They are unwilling to speak publicly for fear of retribution.


Anonymous said...

oh boy!

kevin said...

neca eos omnes
deus suos agnoscet

Anonymous said...

AC: "Labour MPs are trying to finger the man who administered their expenses."

It has been a reoccurring theme since this began.

" was with in the rules .."

"..the fees office approved my claim .."

One wonders if there is something in the water in the the Palace of Westminster.

Oh! that one of them would come out and say ".. I exploited the system to the full, I have no regrets, it's been a great ten years ..'

But not one of them have the spine for that.

electro-kevin said...

Muddy the waters ... we need to take a long hard look at this ... draw a line under ... move on ...

With one bound they shall all be free.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, let's start paying local councillors for their public service, and thereby also ensure that they are not- like their Westminster counterparts- abusing the system. I know many local councillors who are active in local politics, putting many hours into local affairs and who also get paid for supposedly working full-time in Third Sector organisations, creating not only conflicts of interests between their different roles but also forcing the Third Sector to subsidize their public/political roles: one well-known example is Labour Councillor Antonia Bance working with Oxfam's UK poverty programme. The whole system needs over-hauling!

fajensen said...

They are unwilling to speak publicly for fear of retribution.
Nameless Cowards making demands too. Westminster needs purification, preferably by neutron bomb, it's the only way to make sure!