Sunday, 26 October 2008

Voderman can't sell her flat

The Times is reporting that Carol Vorderman is having trouble selling her penthouse flat.

"The quiz show presenter Carol Vorderman is facing a financial countdown of her own after slashing the asking price for her Thameside penthouse by £800,000. Vorderman has been unable to find a buyer since putting the flat – which overlooks the parliament buildings – on the market in May for £5.75m.

In a concession to the property slump, the price tag has now been reduced to £4.95m. It is possible Vorderman may have to settle for even less as her most serious bidder is understood to be offering just £3.5m."

It reminds me of an earlier quote from Carol, who has a long history of dabbling in the buy to let business.

"In the '90s, when I had money to buy property other than the one I was living in, I started to buy an awful lot off-plan, particularly on the waterfront in London. I would often sell before completion: you put 10 per cent down, sell early and make money on your 10 per cent rather than on the full amount. I have bought a lot of property, and it has been a passion. Every time I go on holiday, that's what I do. I go to estate agents and developments, much to the aggravation of anyone I'm with. Over the years, not talking about where I've lived, but as investments, I've bought about 20 properties."

She might have to go lower than £3.5 million. The FTSE crash has wiped out a mountain of wealth. The rich are not as rich as they used to be.


aSteve said...

I'll have zero big numbers (from the top) and five small numbers (from anywhere else) -- please, Carol.

I definitely hope that she currently holds a lot of debt... now she's lost her job it will be doubly funny.

josh said...


ha ha, I like it. She is one of the guilty, with her constant ramping of home equity loans.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Voderman and countdown, they cut her salary.

RenterGirl said...

My eyes are wet with tears of laughter.

fajensen said...

which overlooks the parliament buildings

Maybe she can successfully rent it to a bunch of Arabs ... and get the cash out via the insurance.

Anonymous said...

I once got an award from her: we had a nice chat and I thought about bonking her. Can't say that I feel sad for anyone getting rightfully burned by the property crash.