Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Why the ship is sinking

I can't muster any outrage at the story that G4S will pocket its multi-million management fee despite failing to hire enough guards, leaving it to the hard-pressed and much abused British Army to guard the Olympic stadium.

There is no accountability anymore. We live in a country where scammers, blaggers and crooks run the show.

So lets just laugh along, while Nick Buckles grabs his hefty slice of cash.

Whose money is it anyway? It is only the taxpayer who is getting shafted here.

As we all know, the taxpayer is one sorry friendless fool.


Kitz said...

I think you and I both know why they have difficulty in recruiting staff .Also why the staff they recruited may not turn up for work , a bit like in the building trade when Sunday night is the best night of the week .
Still you are right.

Electro-Kevin said...

Hear hear.

I'm amazed that we still have this reputation for trustworthiness.

The Queen is the reason why that veneer remains in place.

They steal pensions from us already - how long before they steal property ? (our housing)

Once the Queen is gone we shall be like any other fly-blown third world state.

Jim said...

What we are seeing now is the logical conclusion of all the massive bureaucracy that has been heaped on businesses over the last 25 years, mostly in the last 15. If you follow all the rules to the letter, which the State has to do, seeing as it made the rules, then it is virtually impossible to make stuff happen. Certainly not quickly, or cheaply. It is why everything the State touches costs massively more than it should, and is often unworkable and behind schedule too. Its contractors have to be 100% compliant, which in turn reduces the number of companies able to bid for contracts. So you end up with one or two bidders, who tick all the right boxes, and who can name their price as a result. In the recent Olympic security case only G4S could have done the work, so they got the contract.

Most private businesses break some law or other every day. They'd never get their work done if they didn't, and they'd soon go bust too. We need to just abolish vast swathes of regulations and just let people get on with stuff.

Odin's Raven said...

Why should the taxpayer have to pay for 'security' at this series of sporting events?

Let those who attend make their own arrangements or take the risk; which is probably greatly exaggerated in order to generate hysteria under cover of which excessive payments are made for a shoddy and unneeded service. Be safe, stay at home and ignore it all. Give us our money back!

Bill Quango MP said...

Well said Jim.
I shudder when I think of the compliance issues I have to go through.

And the ones that get the lip service and the others that don't even get that.

Bilal said...

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