Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bank bailouts versus health and education - which would you choose?

The Spanish government recently approved cuts amounting to €10 billion in education and health programs.

It is going to pump in €23 billion to save Bankia.

It is all about priorities.....


droog said...

Austerity doesn't apply when it comes to bailing out zombie banks.

Of course if Spain borrowed it they could use it whichever way they wanted. Education, healthcare, etc. Or they could bluntly give it to citizens as mortgage aid and ease off the risk of the banks who are not getting enough deposits in this seriously depressed labour market. But that would be giving money to banks through the plebes and we can't have that. Instead the banks will get it and evaporate it in another round of crap investment ideas. Lunar crop futures or something.

As usual life mirrors The Onion.

discount pet supplies said...

I'll definitely choose health and education. Education is the only thing we can pass on our children. Education is their key to success.

Unknown said...
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