Thursday, 19 April 2012

A quick primer on the US Healthcare issue

Coverage of this issue in the UK media is abysmal. This video provides some interesting insights into the healthcare debate across the Atlantic


Anonymous said...

Article a few years ago in Scientific American compared the %GDP spent on healthcare in the developed countries. It also compared it to health outcomes.

The result was that the US spent 15% of GDP on healthcare compared to around 10% for the UK and 8% for Japan. The health outcomes were inverse to spending so why was this?

The suggestion is that the so-called "market" used in the US to supply healthcare (coming to an NHS near you) is in fact monopolistic /duopolistic as competition is restricted to those that can raise the finance to "compete".

And the US branded the old NHS as inefficient! I think they should go back to that drawing board.

RenterGirl said...

The biggest cause of personal bankrupcty in the US is long-term illness and paying for health care. that saying about death and taxes comes to mind.