Monday, 30 April 2012

Ireland's ghost town

Here is a grim little home video, showcasing a half completed housing development in Ireland.

Imagine if you bought into this estate at the peak of the bubble.

(I picked this clip up from the south of dub blog).


London Estate Agent said...

A dismal sight, or should I say, site.

Sackerson said...

Clear the rubbish and it'll look just fine.

Anonymous said...

Homes for the homeless - or is that just too simple.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Ireland is full of things like this.

I have seen whole streets - indeed whole villages - of large detached houses, built in the middle of the countryside, all standing empty.

Who, if anyone, had paid for them remains a mystery.

The EU is responsible for this, of course.

dearieme said...

"The EU is responsible for this, of course."

Come, come: the EU exerts authority but never accepts responsibility.