Saturday, 14 April 2012

European youth unemployment rates

In relative terms, there aren't that many young people in Europe. It is, after all, rapidly becoming a global old people's home.

Nevertheless, the continent's youth are finding it hard to find work. In Spain and Greece, half of all under-25s are unemployed. In Britain it is one in four. Everywhere except Germany, the youth unemployment rate is in double digits.

Just one more datapoint tracking the decline of this once great continent.....


Sackerson said...

I've looked at Greek youth unemployment recently and you have to be aware of the definitions:

Jim said...

It takes a generation to ruin a nation, and we're about done. Everything that was done in the last 15-20 years, mostly by Labour since 1997, has had small negative impacts. Each individually not ruinous, but collectively the impact is huge. During the boom times from 2002 to 2007 the consequences were masked by the wall of debt hitting the economy.

Now the impact of low educational standards, high taxation, high regulation, increased dependency on the State, indulging of crime, increased immigration, the Balkanisation of communities into racial groups, the destruction of pensions, the list goes on and on, has finally been laid bare to see by the recession.

As Warren Buffett said ' When the tide goes out, you get to see who has been swimming naked'. The tides has gone out, and the UK is there in its emperors clothes, for all to see.

Anonymous said...


You are correct that it takes a generation to destroy a nation (communist subversion tactics worked far better in the UK than in Russia), however the UK WASN'T destroyed under Nulabour. On the contrary, the 60's saw the demolition unfold, which began after the war. What's effectively happened is, if you imagine the UK to be a chicken, it's head was lopped off at the end of the war and it's taken 60+ years of running around the yard before finally dropping dead.

Everyone likes to blame Nulabour and I'm most certainly not defending them, but the UK was long dead before they got in. Think about it? Immigration into the UK started after the war with the Windrush, then rapidly increased with Uganda's expulsion of Asians at the end of the 60's. Then in the 70's the Indians piled into the north to work in the factories.....

What we saw under 13 years of labour was merely a far more concentrated migration situation within the UK. The demolition of culture had already happened long before Blair's bastards got in.



Jim said...

You're probably right Harbinger, the rot set in a lot earlier than 1997. But it seems that the problems accelerated thereafter.

I also think that a lot has to do with the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. So much of what has been imposed on us has its origins in that power transfer to the EU.

Its weird, I've been watching old episodes of the BBC series Lovejoy online. They were filmed in the late 80s and early 90s. They seem like another country nowadays. The background footage of pubs and shops and the way the Police are portrayed seems so quaint now. Its only 20 years ago, but its another country entirely.

Electro-Kevin said...

Jim - those programmes seemed quaint then too.

davidb said...

The rot set in in the 70s with endless strikes about nothing. Too many unions and a lot of communists fighting the cold war from within. We surrendered our industries - to America quite often - and we put up with all manner of crap on the alter of equal opportunity. Its hard to believe that once upon a time we were leading engineering powers in the world. We built jet planes and cars that people wanted. And we squandered it all. The oil gave us a chance to restructure, but we ve wasted that on foreign aid, olympic villages and millenium domes. Bread and circuses. I suppose its the way of all mighty empires. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We elect these idiots.

Anonymous said...


Everything that has happened within the UK was planned one hundred years ago by our incredibly powerful elites.
How on earth can you create a one world government and regionalise lands into one when you've got separate nations surviving quite happily on their own, totally self sustainable? You can't and so the nation state had to go.

Politicians are puppets. It wouldn't have mattered if we'd had 60 years of Labour in power after WW2, all that has happened would have happened regardless who was in office. This is something people need to realise - politicians are selected at an early age, do what they're told to do, live a luxury life on expenses while their salary is untouched while in office and then are put into an even better job when they leave.

We are all living a script that was written ages ago and it can't be undone.



Illusionist said...

We are all living a script that was written ages ago and it can't be undone.

OK. So when will the powers that be nuke Iceland?

I ask because it looks to me like plucky little Iceland isn't reading from the script.

Anonymous said...


What I believe regarding Iceland, is it's a small, insignificant island that really holds nothing for the elites. The banking scandal was playboy plundering and the Icelanders did something about it.


I also believe that the elites have allowed this one to 'slip through the net' so to speak purposefully to give people 'false' hope. While the likes of Iceland are fighting the bankers who plundered their economy, others will look at them and say well something is actually being done to stop the rot, when in reality, only one economy is actually fighting back compared to the the many who aren't and can't. A total system of protectionism has to be implemented within the countries whose economies are plummeting, but this would be detrimental to free trade, the destroyer of these economies. It won't happen.

When I see the likes of Greece, Spain etc fight back along the lines of Iceland will I take notice, but my beliefs are such that until the total control network is fully in place (very soon) then tptb don't want a massive world riot yet, which would easily be brought on if people felt there was no hope.

The elites are merely making time for themselves. The only people really fighting against the NWO are the older generations who still have some intelligence left within them. The younger generations, apart from being deadheads, are pro globalisation and anti nationalism, whereas the elder generations are the opposite.
The elites are simply weeding out those who pose a threat using time to remove them. Once the older generations are gone, their one world society will drop into place.



El Commandante said...

One in four in the UK. That is unbearably high. But 50 percent in Spain? It beggars belief.

Infographics Ireland said...

If it is ok to share here, we have designed an infographic illustrating the unemployment rate in Europe vs the minimum and its increase in the last decade in Europe -