Friday, 10 February 2012

Mervyn King: the worst is over

At least that is what he said four months ago.

Things have improved so much that the Bank of England is obliged to fire up the printing presses one more time. Another cash injection is on its way.


miken said...

So how can more QE ever be justified if the economy is doing so well?
Generating free money with no obvious return for the taxpayer is scandalous.

Clearly the economy is very sick and the government cannot get essential money from any other source other than to generate it.

Anonymous said...

The government have been undermining enterprise and the free thinking individual for too long this is the result of that ,they are now our enemies, the government and the public sector are a self fulfilling prophecy.
They are bankrupting the nation for their own self interest.
The penny is beginning to drop the oncoming economic tsunami will finish it all off, they will be swept away with it.
Greece is our future unless we radically change the system from government back to the individual.
I am not holding my breath.
It's too entrenched now,to the bitter end it is.

Anonymous said...

We're in the money!
The skies are sunny!
etc. etc.

An Importer Writes said...

I am now of the firm opinion that the B of E game plan is to keep the value of sterling down against the Euro.