Friday, 24 February 2012

Liberation for London

This is the age of self-determination. It is time that London caught up with the times and declared its independence from the oppressive rule of the Anglo-Scots. For far too long, London has been governed by outsiders. We need to take control of our own affairs and determine our own destiny.

At the heart of the case for independence is a straightforward idea. The people best placed to act in London's best interests are those who choose to live and work in London. At the moment, however, many of the key decisions which affect London are taken by outsiders elected in foreign lands such as Northern England, Wales and Scotland. Independence for London would end the sense of grievance on both sides - which has often afflicted the relationship between London and the rest of the UK.

Two thousand years of arrogant Anglo-Scottish rule has been a disaster for London. Through an oppressive tax regime, the wealth generated in London has been robbed of its citizens and distributed to outsiders. Londoners have also suffered from linguistic oppression. Speakers of Cockney have been systematically discriminated and made to feel ashamed of their native language. Many Londoners have forgotten how to speak their native tongue and are forced to speak English instead. More generally,  the Anglo-Scots never understood our cultural heritage of Dick Whittington, pie and mash and jellied eels.

A free London would also put an end to the outrageous discrimination against many of its citizens perpetrated by non-Londoners. Offensive language against bankers would become hate crime punishable by stiff prison sentences for offenders. Bank bonuses will be protected under the Constitution. The financial sector will be liberated from the shackles of FSA-inspired regulation. Londoners will be free to borrow and lend as they please.

An independent London would not be a marginalised city state. The economy of London is larger than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We have a culture and history which is renowned worldwide; an expertise in financial services which has been built up over generations; a world class university system that is unrivalled in Europe.

Once liberated from the shackles of the failed Anglo-Scottish state, London would be free to support economic growth and to create opportunities – especially for our young people. An independent London would no longer be inhibited by the high tax and spend policies of the Anglo-Scottish elite. With its eviable record of strong tax collection and low public expenditure, London could break away from the current UK Government’s obsession with austerity. A liberated London could reduce corporate income tax and keep income tax below 20 percent. VAT could be abolished along with unemployment benefits, comprehensive schools and the National Health Service. This low tax and minimal government regime will encourage massive foreign investment, particularly from Russia and other countries with governance issues.

London would also be free to join the Eurozone. Unlike their backward Northern neighbours, the city was always in favour of the Euro. The single currency would have consolidated the city's role as the premier global financial centre. Londoners would have benefited enormously from abandoning the discredited pound, with its inflation loving central bank. The quantitative easing irresponsibility of the Bank of England would be banished, probably to Birmingham

There will of course be difficult issues to resolve with whatever detritus was left of the United Kingdom. The most pressing issue would be the national debt. London could forcefully argue that it has been a net contributor to the Treasury since time immemorial. Therefore, that debt belongs to the Scots and the English. That ageless sequence of fiscal deficits had nothing to do with London. The UK government borrowed that cash to spend on Northerners and Celts. Londoners already paid more than enough. The UK national debt was created by he English and Scots, and not by Londoners. They can keep it.

London would also have to address the financial chaos left by years of mismanagement by English and Scottish overlords. Top of the agenda will be the Royal Bank of Scotland. As the name suggests, that problem belongs to the northern extremity of the island. It is their bank, they can keep it, along with the bad debts. Lloyds bank is an English bank, and likewise had nothing to do with London.

The time has come for London to take its place in the global community of independent states. London must leave the past to the Anglo-Scots, and look to a bright future of freedom and prosperity.

Liberation for London now!


Anonymous said...

An independent London. It sounds mad at first, but the more I think about it, the more I say why not.

Electro-Kevin said...

Is this Alice Cook ?

Am I on the same site ?

Weekend Yachtsman said...


Steve said...

We could build fortifications around the M25

Anonymous said...

Liberation for London, that is what I preach, preacher man.

dearieme said...

Think of all those poor, unemployed civil servants as the boondocks no longer needed their services. Ditto all the people in the parasite industries - lawyers, accountants, advertising men and so on. With its medieval and early modern source of wealth long gone - trade based on shipping - and its later wealth based on specialised light industry also defunct, what would it live off? Providing R & R for Russian gangsters: an economy of tarts and chefs? It would certainly be a fascinating experiment.

droog said...

What about Isle of Dogs separatism?

Liberation from London now!

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong - without the opium wars - would be the ideal model for a separate, vibrant London.

I like it.

All the hinterland in Kent would suddenly be worth something.

Anonymous said...

I agree the rest of England should be independant from London.
Leave the Londoners alone to stab each other to death day in day out.

London is neither and English or British city.
Its an internationalist experiment.

Many of those rich city Bankers commute long distances to work because they don't want to live in London.
Says it all really, those with enough money either live in one of the wealthy enclaves or gets the hell out.

SIPP investments said...

What if Government resisted. Would we have to mount tanks with flowers around the House of Commons or # 10?!

Chief of men said...

shouldn't that be before time immemorial ?

RenterGirl said...

It's about London was set adrift. then we wouldn't have to read about 'the city' or tolerate its theft. Nor would people in the regions read about rent/house price escalation, which is only going on in London. And how would london grow enough food?