Friday, 16 December 2011

Nick Clegg - Hero

With a single phone call, Deputy Prime Minister routed the French. He castigated the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, telling him that his remarks about the UK's credit rating were "unacceptable" and that steps should be taken “to calm the rhetoric”.

Following the telephone conversation, Le Monde reported the following "communique" from the Hôtel Matignon:

"Prime Minister Francois Fillon on Friday called the Deputy Prime Minister of Britain, Nick Clegg, to clear up misunderstandings after his statements describing economic developments in Britain as “alarming". The Prime Minister ”would not want to adversely affect the credit rating of the UK," said his spokesperson on Friday."

Mr. Fillon had earlier said "nos amis britanniques étaient encore plus endettés que nous et avaient un déficit plus élevé". Loosely translated, Britain is as screwed as France.

So well done, Mr. Clegg for delivering victory over that capricious enemy from across the English Channel. I sense national renaissance and economic recovery will quickly follow.

Despite being carried away with patriotic fervour following Mr. Clegg's victory, I still have one nagging thought, who was right on the substance?


Anonymous said...

Hero? Clegg?

MoiJeNeRegretRien said...

Me too. Nick Clegg - Hero? Nick Clegg - Cock!

dearieme said...

The answer to debt is more debt. The answer to stupidity is more stupidity.

That the politicians of the nation of Descartes can propound such stuff is alarming.

Anonymous said...

"The answer to stupidity is more stupidity."

Young Cleggy will take us to the sunlit uplands of Stupidity Nirvana, then.