Friday, 11 November 2011

UK population projections; there will be more of us, and we will be much older

The ONS has produced an alarming population projection. With a decade or so, the UK will be home to at least 70 million people.

Over the last couple of decades, around half of the growth in the population has come from migration. Suppose, for a moment, that the UK economy continues to stagnate, while emerging market and low income countries continue to grow rapidly. What would happen if migration flows were to dry up?

Currently, there is a clamour to reduce migration. Our much beloved Home Secretary - Teresa May - finds herself in trouble on this very issue. Notwithstanding the passport chaos from this summer, it is getting harder for people to move to the UK.

The indigenous UK population tends to be much older than the new arrivals. If migrants fail to arrive, then the ratio of workers to pensioners could well be much lower than the ones suggested in this short video.

But be careful for what you wish for. If the migrants stop coming, who will do the work and pay taxes to maintain those generous state pensions?


AgainsTTheWall said...

If the migrants stop coming, who will do the work and pay taxes to maintain those generous state pensions?

Understanding the price of everything and the value of nothing eh? If you believe that a better future awaits by importing untold numbers of low IQ darkies and destroying the British peoples in the process then you have nt grasped the bigger picture.

Brian Jones said...
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Anonymous said...

"untold numbers of low IQ darkies"

I would check your facts there. The average IQ of the immigrants is both higher that the populations they left and higher than the average UK population. Particularly Nigerians.

They not only bring skills (seen a doctor lately) they also bring their fecundity.

We not only need them, we should welcome their contribution.

Electro-Kevin said...

Should there not be a proper entry system ?

I don't think anyone is against immigration otherwise.

It's the gangsters and fiddlers we can do without - why should we put up with having them ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Alice

I understand that when the retirement age was fixed at 65 the average life expectancy of men was 64.

Retirement for women at 60 may be explained by the fact that few women worked and the greatest majority would live out their days on a widow's pension from about age 62.

A solution to the ‘problem’ of fewer workers per pensioner is an increase in retirement age. Another is to examine the facts of working life: many millions endure enforced idleness as victims of the benefits trap, some with extra benefit from real or imagined disabilities. Even more millions benefit from government jobs, some amounting to little more than a social life with pension rights. Others do little more than punish the public, the same public who provide their income and their inflated pensions.

The scope for shifting man-hours from zero or value-subtracting government employ to productive work is enormous. Imagine getting rid of tens of millions of man-hours' worth of compliance costs.

The scope for further efficiencies from mechanisation and innovation are endless.

There are goods and services yet undreamt of which will boost our living standards further, providing government and its hangers-on do not try to stop them - a recent example being e-cigarettes.

We do not need more manpower. A better distribution of free time might be the way to go. Too many have all the free time but no resources to enjoy it, while others have high incomes but no time.

Continuing immigration will result in fewer indigenous people working, and a growing colonisation by immigrants. Stronger cultures will smother the weaker and the evidence suggests that the native population is the weaker.

The alternatives – a three day week, anyone?

8 weeks’ holiday a year?

The permutations are endless.


AgainsTTheWall said...

I would check your facts there

Ok I checked with Lynn and Vanhanen. UK average IQ 100 which no country with a dark-skinned population can match. Nigeria has an average IQ of 84 (have to admit Im surprised it is that high being close to that of Afro-Caribbeans).

They not only bring skills (seen a doctor lately) they also bring their fecundity.

Yep they re setting up world-class engineering businesses all over the place.

As for their fecundity thats what will destroy the indigenous.

We not only need them, we should welcome their contribution

'We' dont need them because 'I' dont need them. You may need them though and you can find all you wish for in Africa and Asia. So long.