Thursday, 20 January 2011

The teddy bears explain US-China relationship


Anonymous said...

Woah - six million jobs! That is huge. Why does the US let the chinese get away with it?

H said...

Hmmm.... You can solve a problem if you work like stink for very little money making cheap goods? At some point the Chinese are going to work out that they are the ones who've wasted their lives building up claims on future American production that will never be met. Let them buy the Statue of Liberty - what are they going to do with it?

chefdave said...

Chinese market manipulation has only impoverished Chinese workers and spread the subsidy around her export markets. In other words Chinese living standards have been sacrificed so the state can play a bit of realpolitik. Adopting this model would end in a bigger disaster for the West; citizens would be seen as little more than economic units that can be used and abused by governments to satisfy tit for tat economic and foreign policy.

No "protection" here please!