Thursday, 13 January 2011

BTL is back in town

When the financial crisis first hit back in autumn 2008, UK banks became very nervous about the buy to let business. Many banks pulled their mortgage products. Finding loans became very difficult for BTL landlords.

Thankfully, banks are again falling in love with those shady landlords keen to build a rental empire in Britain's inner cities. The number of buy to let mortgage products has almost returned to pre-crisis levels.

Meanwhile, the UK corporate sector is repaying its loans, despite record low interest rates. For British firms, the credit crunch continues.


Anonymous said...

There is a very odd looking spike in that chart. What is that all about?

Kitz said...

Why shady ??

Anonymous said...

Great news - things are returning to normal. Very happy to see this.

Anonymous said...

Building from a low in spring 2009, a dip in early summer 2010 and then rising again.

As graphs go it seems like a graph of the equity markets.

Some TA commentators are suggesting we are close to a downhill slide on equities that will be major.

They could be wrong but then again it seems the massive economic debts have been rearranged rather than actually addressed. Now the banks are off the hook and the tax payer is on the hook; and the debts still grow.

Anonymous said...

Kits have you met any landlords?

Manila real estate said...

This will push over new life for real estate business in UK. I want to make deal again with my business partners there.