Monday, 9 March 2009

Mandelson - its not our fault

If anyone missed Mandelson's creepy performance on Sunday, here is a chance to see it.

The unelected business secretary regurgitates that old canard that the the crisis is due to that vague concept called globalization. Yet despite the UK economy diving into the deepest depression in 80 years, he remains "optimistic".

As for the banks "where we are now in relation to the banks is the right place to be in." Whatever that means.


Anonymous said...


Mitch said...

If I had his pension and perks I would be optimistic too.
No heat or eat for this boy no public transport.

He hasn't got a clue what real life is like for the people his decisions affect.

Electro-Kevin said...

He couldn't turn a profit at a whelk stall let alone employ a Saturday boy to help him do it.

Britain is doomed with men like this in charge.

Eckersalld said...

Of course Voldemorts optimistic, when half the nations rediscovering the joys of serfdom, the narcissistic little shit will be sipping cocktails on a Russian super-yacht.

Anonymous said...

Nu Labour welcomed globalization 'cos it helped keep their "massaged" inflation figures down.
He is optimistic eh... about what exactly ?.. the only thing that the sane amongst us can be optimistic about is that in 15 months time Brown will have gone, taking with him arse bandits like Mandy and the rest of Nu Labours corrupt, incompetent, lying bast4ards !!!