Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Geithner witchhunt - the peasants are gathering with their pickforks

“The more time passes, the more convinced I am that Tim Geithner is becoming a liability for the administration.”

An anonymous Democrat "lawmaker" (as reported in the FT).

“I don’t think Tim Geithner will last beyond June – he has no credibility with the markets.”

Chris Whalen, managing director of Institutional Risk Analytics.

“What I want to ask, where was the secretary of the Treasury? Why didn’t Treasury step in and let the American people know – just try to block it [the latest tranche of public money for AIG]?”

Richard Shelby, the ranking Republican member of the Senate banking committee

“I am quite certain that Tim Geithner has the full backing of the president and will continue to have it.”

Roger Altman, a former senior Treasury official in the Clinton administration


Anonymous said...

Geithner should have been fired after he pulled the plug on Lehman.

Chris said...

“I am quite certain that Tim Geithner has the full backing of the president and will continue to have it.”

That is what they usually say a few days before they throw someone under the bus. It is even worse if the President himself has to say it because you know the end is nigh.

Alice Cook said...


It is funny you should write that.

Originally, I had put together a post which included that very comment. But for a variety of reasons I decided against posting it and instead let the quotes do the work.

I think you are right, when the C word is being used, then it is only a matter of time.


Anonymous said...

Geithner is on his last warning. One more fcuk up and he is out. AIG has done him no favors.

Anonymous said...

They sent a boy to do a man's job.

Anonymous said...

Geithner looks like the poster boy for weasals. He is shifty, without any substantial political base or experience - just a jargon-spouting financials weeny. The City and Wall Street were full of these clowns, now they are sleeping on mommy's sofa contemplating MILF websites, their future career options, and if they should get plastic surgery. They are not credible.

Anonymous said...

Tim's accomplishments;
1. Aided and abetted the failure of LEH.
2. Cheated on his taxes and convinced Congress he was just stupid when he completed his returns.
3. Showed the international investment world what he said about being stupid is true.

Advice to POTUS: transfer him to the State Dept. where he can advise Clinton on financial matters as the USD tanks.

Anonymous said...
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