Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Alice's bubble wrap

The Case against Twitter

Guido Fawkes takes on Twitter: "The idea that it is some kind of revolutionary form of social media interaction is laughable".

Credit cards are the next credit crunch

If you have one, cut it up right now. Get a debit card instead.

More Debt Won’t Rescue The Great American Ponzi

It won't rescue the UK Ponzi scheme, either.

Japan at 26-year low

Japanese stocks hit a 26-year low on the announcement of the country's first current account deficit in more than a decade.

Have Pensions Succumbed to Casino Capitalism?

You need to ask?

Citigroup: Posted a Profit? Surely That Can't Be

The Financial Ninji calls for a reality check on Citi.

Sell them gilts, buy them gilts, sell them gilts

The government sells debt; the Bank of England buys that debt. Doesn't the government own the Bank of England?

Where Were The Media As Wall Street Imploded?

There are plenty of people to share the blame for the collapse of the nation's financial system. Greedy speculators, mortgage executives and banking chiefs; pliant credit rating agencies; and absentee government regulators come to mind. But what about the self-described watchdogs in the media?

Hanging On, or How to Get Through a Depression and Enjoy Life

Denial might be the best strategy.


Anonymous said...

When the BOE buys debt, it gives them a cover to monetize the government's deficit.

No biggie really.

AntiCitizenOne said...

"absentee government regulators"? These regulators explicitly and deliberately regulated the credit bubble into existence.

I hate to see The Big Lie repeated, and repeating it reinforces it, you should be ashamed Alice.

Anonymous said...

Cut up my credit card? When it pays me 1% cashback? Not likely.