Monday, 9 February 2009

Should he stay or should he go.....

I can see this kind of row kicking off here in the UK. A new Prime Minister, a discredited governor of the Bank of England, and a purge of all the architects of our financial ruin.

Today, it is Iceland, soon it will be the UK.

Iceland’s week-old government was locked in its first serious crisis on Monday after the governor of the central bank accused it of instigating a “political attack” against him and angrily rejected a demand by the new prime minister to resign.

David Oddsson, a feisty former prime minister and architect of the free market reforms that revolutionised Iceland’s economy and then led to its collapse, was reacting to a letter from the new prime minister demanding his resignation.

(from the FT)


roym said...

thats fair enough isnt it? the man failed in his duty to the icelandic people. he'll be gone when they enther the EU anyway

Anonymous said...

Give it a year, and there will be demonstrations outside Threadneedle street.

Anonymous said...

People will be dragging New Labour supporters and City workers out of their 4x4s and beating them. The cops won't be able to do anything about it because it will be so frequent and occur in parts of the city where the police are rarely ever seen.