Sunday, 22 February 2009

Phasing out parents, bringing in the state

PARENTS should avoid trying to convince their teenage children of the difference between right and wrong when talking to them about sex, a new government leaflet is to advise.

More light-touch regulation from New Labour? That is being too generous; this is classic New Labour moral bankruptcy.

I would have thought it obvious that people need a moral context to personal relationships and procreation and that parental guidance is the best medium for teaching children that there is more to sex than the mechanical act of coitus.

It seems that I was wrong. The state knows better. Children can do without parental counsel and warning. Kids can work it out for themselves.

It all sounds rather like New Labour and the financial sector. Banks didn't need any guidance or warning that unrestrained creation of loans would lead to disaster. Well, we have all discovered the wisdom of that approach.


K T Cat said...

Thank God my kids go to a Catholic school.

See also: California Bankruptcy, avoiding the effects of

AntiCitizenOne said...

Governments decide on the total amount of credit in their currency monopoly, banks just allocate it.

The problem was solely that the government wanted far too much credit in the economy.

If banks had been supervised into raising reserves when lending against house prices that were increasing WRT average pay, then we wouldn't be so much of a mess.

Anonymous said...

Considering this government's policies have been implemented by a vast army of white-wine swilling sleazes, it is hard to see them having any credibility when it comes to sex.

Anonymous said...

I somewhat agree with the government... if a child becomes a teenager without an understanding of right and wrong, they're unlikely to accept someone else's version of right and wrong on trust... especially if it were to reek of hypocrisy.

Teenagers will form their own opinions... I often find myself amazed at the extent to which adults think that only they were intelligent in youth... Sometimes I even wonder if the intention of those who preach extreme views is, actually, to prompt the opposite view in others. That's certainly the effect I saw from the "Just say no" campaign which, as far as I can tell, wasn't very effective at reducing experimentation with hard drugs. In fact, while I never tried, the ludicrous state-sponsored, patronising, negative advertising was the strongest inducement I could imagine to call the bluff of a bunch of hypocrites whose pitch was banal and patronising.

Anonymous said...

We are becoming a nation of people that are afraid of their own shadows, one where you don't have to take responsibility for your own actions, one where there are rules for everyone apart from those creating them, one where you can go into debt and be bailed out by those who CAN manage their own finances - the UK is morally and financially overdrawn ! Bankrupt in every sense... thanks for nothing... you New Labour wan*ers !

Anonymous said...

I often find myself amazed at the extent to which adults think that only they were intelligent in you

Well, My approach is to avoid having my children doing the same death-defying, stupid stunts that I did!!

Electro-Kevin said...

Err - underage sex is illegal, is it not ???

Anonymous said...
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