Monday, 16 February 2009

FTSE down 30 percent since June

This is one crash that no one wants to talk about. The FTSE is down 30 percent since June.

Just another sign of the crisis we are in right now.


Josh said...

Losses, losses and more losses.

simon said...

To think, it's over nine years since the FTSE peaked.

Hope no one bought into that cannard of holding on to shares for the long run.

London estate agent said...

Housing or the FTSE?

dearieme said...

My pension fund had assets just bigger than liabilities. In March.

phd said...

The FTSE hasn't done anything interesting since the fall of Lehmans. It's bobbed about a bit but, as your graph shows, there's been no serious deterioration since then.

That's not to say we're not due any more, but a lot of pessimism has already been discounted into the FTSE.