Sunday, 15 February 2009

Big rise in homebuyer enquires

At least, that is what the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyers reports.

Apparently, there is a growing number of people sniffing around deeply discounted houses. So far, the renewed buyer interest hasn't translated into a significant increase in home sales.


Anonymous said...

Its called gloating.

Anonymous said...

interest = hope = potential

Not all news is gloomy. Those of us who instinctively yearn for a market collapse must admit to ourselves that ours is not the only viewpoint, and that we are probably wrong too.

Mitch said...

A friend of mine who is an Estate Agent(boo hissss) said its just rich people picking up massive bargains while the bank rate is rubbish.
Very few of these people are after somewhere to live.

Fred said...

Prices that estate agents talk about and those at which properties actually change hands are very very different.

To achieve a good price as a buyer you currently have to be patient and opportunist.

Most folks haven't reached that point yet and many have places to sell.

Forget low, forget high, until there is market stability the possibility of chains of transactions functioning is near zero.