Sunday, 18 January 2009

New Labour are ready to tackle the next house price bubble

Margaret Beckett, our so-called housing minister, thinks we are on the verge of a new housing bubble. But don't worry, New Labour are thinking ahead. They are ready with "measures" to tackle the next house price explosion. They are going to "intervene" to ensure that we aren't squeezed out of the market.

How I hate that word "intervene" when it comes out of the mouth of a New Labour minister.

THE housing minister, Margaret Beckett, claims there are signs of an “upturn” in the property market despite official figures showing prices plummeting at an unprecedented rate. She disclosed the government was already worrying about the next housing boom, and was intervening to ensure any recovery in prices does not squeeze people out of the market.

(The Times)


Mark Wadsworth said...

She's completely f***ing deranged.

Electro-Kevin said...

She's not deranged. There is an upturn in estate agent inquiries.

The housing market is still unhealthily overvalued. The average house should cost no more than 3 1/2 x average salary - around £90k.

This means that children can be brought up in affordable homes with one parent at work.

An overvalued housing market has been a disaster for parenting and the social ills that causes. It is also a disaster for employment as two people in every household must seek full-time work in order to keep heads above water.

But NuLabs want houses booming beyond affordability - this is because they know nothing about real wealth generation and would rather we live in never never land. They really are a nasty bunch of shits. Not the types I'd like to drink with.

Fred said...

This Beckett comment is part of the New Labour team delusion that involved comments like: "no more boom and bust".

Deranged ... oh definitely, but also arrogant beyond hubris and doubly ignorant.

Particularly arrogant to suggest in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary that they are (a) far sighted and (b) in control.

An upturn in estate agent enquiries in the absence of lending is just that. It just doesn't lead anywhere, so why pretend it does?

Electro-Kevin said...

"An upturn in estate agent enquiries in the absence of lending is just that. It just doesn't lead anywhere, so why pretend it does?"

A fair point but a significant indicator of people's desire to own property in this country.

Anonymous said...

Let 'em live in caravans.

Mitch said...

As some wit on the times website says....
As wise as she is beautiful. nuff said

Mark Wadsworth said...

I'm working on a theory that we'd all be better off if we lived in caravans.

Heathrow extension? Not a problem, just up sticks.

Noisy neighbours? Ditto.

House price bubble? So what, I don't need a house just a nice big static caravan or three, which I can buy or sell for whatever they are worth.

Anonymous said...

By the time houses reach 2007 prices again, that stupid cow will be pushing up the daisies... typical New Labour venomous harridon !

Anonymous said...

shes nuts