Monday, 26 January 2009

Its a funny old world

One minute you are on top of the stinking pile. The next, you are on the slide and no one wants to know you. I am beginning to feel sorry for Sir Fred Goodwin, the former head of RBS.

His reputation has been devalued as savagely as the toxic debts on the books of the Royal Bank of Scotland and the humbling of Sir Fred "The Shred" Goodwin, the bank's former chief executive, continues.

Yesterday, another battalion of troubles arrived – he is to leave his post as chair of the Prince's Trust; the Lothian and Borders police has launched an inquiry into his handling of the RBS rights issue; and he will have to appear before the tough Treasury Select Committee of MPs.

(from the Independent)


John McClane said...


Tough after the event.

Stable door.

Mitch said...

When I read that I saw Trough not tough.....odd eh?

Steven_L said...

Good, I hope the select committee belittle him by asking him questions like:

"Did you think house prices only go up?"

Anonymous said...

I do not feel sorry for anyone in involved in the management of RBS - a company I consider to have been institutionally corrupt since 1998, at least.