Thursday, 9 October 2008

Icesave Iceland special

It just gets worse

Iceland PM says govt has full trust in central bank board

Iceland takes over biggest bank, shares halted

Dutch gov't refuses to guarantee Dutch savings at Icelandic bank

Iceland: undecided on IMF, Nordic swaps last resort

Brown: UK taking legal action against Iceland

Brown Blasts Iceland Over Banks


Anonymous said...

Iceland, it will soon be a very cheap place to visit.

Leslie said...

Does anyone remember the cod wars?

vodka drinker said...

Iceland next year?? Interesting thought.

mike said...

Not so long ago the UK had lost 4 billion through the Iceland fiasco. Now that sum increases to 20 billion according to recent internet articles. No wonder we have seized Iceland’s assets using terror laws. Let's hope we can recoup some of it.

I still can't believe so much money can disappear within a few days. Where did the money go? In my opinion it's as bad as a terrorist attack in terms of impact on the economy and the government is correct in doing everything possible in it's power.

Anonymous said...

A fool and his money are soon separated - the banks of Iceland *lost* the money by lending most of it to a bunch of speculators running around making leveraged-buyouts of failing Danish companies; Sterling Airways, Magasin e.t.c.

Those businesses were failing all the way through the boom - someone should have smelled a rat or two.

I.M.O. The less money the British government recovers the better; Britain is one of the greatest dhimmi-states in Europe so it is only natural that they should go cap-in-hand to their Saidi friends.

Anonymous said...

The only person to blame should be Gordon Brown, for running to press saying Iceland is on the verge bankruptcy. Wish led to a massive run against Kaupthing, wich assets along with Landsbanki assets would cover most off money lost. What Gordon is doing is hillarious. He´s looking for someone to beat on to take the focus away from himself.
Goodbye Gordon!

DomPerrier said...

Iceland cheap? It was 54% overvalued to begin with!

DomPerrier said...

Iceland cheap? It was 54% overvalued to begin with!