Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Oil - the growth killer

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Leonardo said...

The US never had a fundamental recovery, it was all manipulated as the bubble was re-inflated. Just as the artificial money in circulation allowed for people to live beyond their means through home equity loans, the American consumer was able to spend again as they no longer had to pay a mortgage because of the various socialist bailouts and foreclosure moratoriums.

I just recently highlighted in my blog post why I wouldn't be an investor in the US consumer or Treasuries.

You cannot inject trillions of debased currency into circulation without having price inflation .

I strongly believe that the US Economy is destined to fail beyond the levels we saw in the 1930s as the US no longer has a viable economy. The entire economy is dependent on Government deficit spending and consumer credit spending while simultaneously relying on imports as US anti-business policies have destroyed manufacturing over the past decades.