Monday, 7 March 2011

Britain invades Libya

I go away for a few days and Britain invades Libya. Truth be known, I know next to nothing of military matters, but I would have thought that a successful operation would need more than a helicopter, eight burly men with guns and a letter from Mr. Cameron.

Nevertheless, an invasion of Libya might might yet receive support from Mr. Galloway, who loudly announced his hostility to the Ghaddafi regime. Here is what he said on his Respect blog....

Although I have never met Colonel Gaddafi or any of his Soprano-style family, it's amazing the number of people who think I have. Once a Celtic fan described me as the "Tripoli Shamrock" at a time when I had never actually set foot in Libya.

Last week at a breakfast in Dubai, an Englishman munching his halal sausages said: "Your mate's getting a hard time in Libya isn't he?" - though YouTube is groaning with films of me denouncing Gaddafi over many years.

On my radio show last Friday, a caller - who supports me - phoned in to ask if I was embarrassed to have been pictured shaking hands with the madman. Even on air, when I told him I had appeared in no such photo, he couldn't quite believe it. Of course he could have been getting his Arab dictators mixed up - or worse - confused me with Tony Blair.

I did a quick search on youtube for Galloway and Ghaddafi. Three years ago he did loudly denounce the Libyan dictator.


dearieme said...

Does he denounce all the Arab dictators who don't give him money?

Vladimir the bad said...

How about Galloway clips with Saddam? Great stuff.