Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The slow tragic death of Germany

Germany is slowly dying. In 2010, it produced just eight children per 1000 of the population, while 11 Germans per thousand passed away. In absolute terms, the German population has started to shrink despite significant inward migration flows.

The German birthrate is shocking. According to the CIA, it ranked 219th out of 223 countries. Only Italy, Japan, Monaco and Hong Kong recorded lower birth rates. Even child hating Britain manages to produce 12 children per 1000.

The rapidly diminishing German birthrate is also evident in its age distribution. Only 13.7 percent of the German population is 14 under, while over 20 percent of the population is older than 65. The latter percentage can only increase with time. Currently, the median age of a German is about 44. In the case of German females, the median age is a fraction below 46.

Germany is a country that made an extraordinary cultural contribution to the world. It is a land of Beethoven, Goethe, and Kant. Yet the prevailing culture in Germany today seems inimical to procreation. Germany is withering away, and to me at least, this is an appalling prospect.


Patrick Mulvey said...

Alas they may end up like Sweden or heaven forbid Norway - what a fate, with only a unremitting diet of Abba songs to sustain them.

Personally I think it beats lebensraum anyday.

Wolf said...

now, now Patrick, the Germans have changed. They have left all that nonsense behind them.

H said...

All that good German stuff was rather a long time ago. More recently, one could name Mann, Spengler and Heidegger, but they're pretty old hat now. Is there anyone in the last 60 years one might miss?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Even child hating Britain manages to produce 12 children per 1000"

Yes, but how many of those will be economically active, and how many will become "Youths of no appearance", who feature only in crime stats?

Laban said...

The recent increase in the UK birthrate represents the point of inflexion where the effect of high-fertility immigrants starts to more than compensate for the lower fertility of the natives. 23% of primary school children are ethnic minority.

In Germany the problem is indeed grave - especially among educated women.