Friday, 25 February 2011

RBS exercise restraint

First the bad news. RBS chairman - Sir Philip Hampton, conceded that last year more than 100 employees received compensation of at least £1 million. The good news is that the number was lower than the preceding year.

There is even more good news - bonus pool was less than £950 million. It could have been so much higher.

Stephen Hester, chief executive, summed it up perfectly "We have tried to exercise restraint."


Jacobite said...

I have just plastered my computer screen in porrage oats shouting at the screen when I read this, how can an insolvent bank suported by taxpayers money get away with this. Its pure unadulterated theft.

miken said...

The knock on effect of this is no doubt more money for these overpaid leaches to spend on propping up the housing market.

It's ironic that if the bonus's weren't paid that RBS (I mean the taxpayer) wouldn't have made a loss.

Banking News said...

rbs steps r strong.