Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Alice's reading list

I had a quiet day, so I spent far too much time reading online. Some of it was good, and some of it was crap.......

Freddy and Fannie are still out there. From Baseline Scenario.....

Econobrowser looks at the UK fiscal contraction.

Abstinence might be a good thing, so says the Economist.

Did the Poor Cause the Crisis?

Aliens Demand More Positive Portrayal In The Media.

Climate change - I agree, scepticism is not an ‘attack on science’.

Exorcism - a right-wing plot?

These photos made me feel ill....

Poor Tommy Sheridan.....

Pro life group goes undercover at a planned parenthood clinic. Some very complex issues here.

Bride trafficking in China; nasty and inevitable.

John Kay explains why the war on moral hazards begins at home

The European Union’s sovereign-debt crisis constitutes a fundamental threat not only to the euro, but also to democracy and public accountability.

The great Afghan bank heist; if you want to steal huge amounts from a bank, it is best to own one.

Wikileaks vs. Wall Street.


dearieme said...

You might care to add this to your list - a jolly account of the Irish debacle.


(Thanks to the FT)

Anonymous said...

I think you may have missed this one about ( Ireland )Iceland on Bloomberg which might be interesting on the 25th if people get the message.