Sunday, 30 January 2011

It sounds significant but what does it mean?

Here are some selected quotes from this year's World Economic Forum. The language is convoluted, tortured and vague. To ease your pain, I have attempted to translate these sentences into understandable English.

In the search for solutions, leaders must navigate a complex network of systems interlinkages, difficult trade-offs and powerful feedback loops within the political, business and natural environments.

Translation: Leaders should watch out for loops because the world is complicated.

Sustaining and extending this prosperity, however, depends on decoupling global consumption from both its use of natural resources and its broader environmental impacts.

Translation: How can we stop poor people from consuming stuff.

New models for global governance and cooperation are needed that are commensurate with the realities of increasing financial integration and economic interdependence.

Translation: Forget about regulating the banks. Things stay as they are, pal.

To support innovation leading to better quality and low-cost healthcare, social entrepreneurs need to communicate more effectively to investors.

Translation: I am not sure who are the social entrepreneurs in the health sector. But whoever they are, they should talk to investors.

There are three types of motivational systems in the human brain: incentive-focus wanting, which includes drive, excitement and impatience; non-wanting affiliation, which is about love and safety; and threat-focused, which covers anxiety, anger and disgust, and is linked to stress. Oxytocin, a hormone in the brain, inhibits the threat-focused system. Mental training can regulate one’s stress level and increase compassion, which leads to an increase in well-being and cooperation.

Translation: Try thinking before you do anything. Then you won't get stressed out.

The theme this year is Shared Norms for the New Reality, reflecting the fact that we live in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected but also experiencing an erosion of common values and principles.

Translation: The masses are finding it hard to buy into the idea that income inequality is a good thing.

Social innovation focuses on finding efficient and sustainable solutions that create value for society in general, rather than individuals and private companies.

Translation: Countries should cut back on public sector employment.

In contrast to the “population bomb” of the last century, the world now faces “population cluster bombs” – accelerated growth in some of the world’s most fragile countries while others experience population decline.

Translation; European economies will age, decline and eventually fade away. It is an outcome that should be exported Africa and India.

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