Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mortgage approvals stagger on

I am going to quickly run through all my favourite charts. Lets see what has been happening while I was away.

Mortgage approvals seem to be drifting along at around the 50,000 a month mark. That is well down on the pre-crisis numbers. Back then, a typical month would see almost three times that many mortgages approved.

Perhaps 50,000 might represent a reasonable non-bubble level for mortgage lending. Normality in the housing market - now that is a radical thought.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Can you track down the chart for 'first time buyers'? I read somewhere that the number of FTBs is down by 90%.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes but a lot of activity pre 2008 was remortgage, now many people are on lenders SVR because it's cheaper than any remortgage deal they can get. This may have accounted for a good percentage of the deals that are not now being done.