Saturday, 11 December 2010

Happy Madoff day

It has been two years since the moneyed maestro of Manhatten was arrested.

Such a charming man.


Quiet Guy said...

'Such a charming man.'

Exactly. A couple of quotes from "No one would listen" by Harry Markopolos:

'It wasn't so much his answers that impressed me, but rather it was his entire demeanor. It was impossible to sit there with him and believe he was a complete fraud. I rember thinking to myself, If Frank is right and he's running a ponzi scheme, he's either the best actor I've ever seen or a total sociopath. There wasn't even a hint of guilt or shame or remorse'

'Mike Ocrant is a very good investigative reporter. He has uncovered other Ponzi schemes, he has broken numerous other important stories, and he has won prestigious award; in his career he has conducted a thousand interviews with powerful executives trying desperately and forcefully to convince him to accept their positions. And Bernie Madoff snowed him. There is a reason Madoff was able to pull off the largest financial crime in history. Madoff was so smooth, so convincing, that even an experienced journalist like Mike Ocrant came away from that interview doubting what he believed to be true.
As soon as he got back to his office he called Frank. "Are you guys really sure about this?" he asked. "Because I gotta tell you, Frank, this guy was as cool as can be. I mean , I didn't see the slightest indication that anything was wrong.'

Quiet Guy said...

This anniversary just took a grim turn:

JohnofEnfield said...

Madoff senior has a lot of blood on his hands.