Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hannan on healthcare

Our old friend got it in the neck for criticizing the NHS abroad. Here is what he said. Make your own mind up on the merits of his views.

(Thanks for the tip, electro-keven)


Anonymous said...

Blah, that wannabe US Neocon makes me want to puke. He can go and live there since he loves the yanks so much.

Same old Bush politics, different face, lots of God references for good measure too.

Anonymous said...

as if this is new:

As usual beyond parody....

Anon @14:46, well argued, such incisive dissection of his arguments.

amigauser said...

I think Gordon Brown and Mandelsohn, must be rubbing theirs hands with glee, knowing that the NHS is the one subject guaranteed to bring back the wavering Labour voters,plus the baby boom generation who are beginning to realize that they will one day need it.

How many employees believe that if health care was optional, their employers would pay it?
How many employers would be like Walmart in America - i.e gain an advantage by denying cover to their workers?

Anonymous said...

If that is all he said about the NHS none of which frankly, I see anything to disagree with. I cannot see what the furore was about.

Aitortxu said...

don't forget that health care outcomes in the USA are very similar to those of a developing country.
This is clearly because of lack of access to health care to many in the usa.
I thought the usa was founded on equality principles, wasn't it?
You know who here in the uk would be seeing a good doctor quick and who will not see it, even children included!

Anonymous said...

Aitortxu, what developing country is that? Singapore?

Care to back that statement up with facts?

electro-kevin said...

I would say that I owe the Spanish hospital that treated my son as much as I owe the NHS. No developed country abandons their sick.

Of Hannan causing Brown/Mandy to rub their hands with glee:

I sense that Hannan is playing the long game.

He doesn't want the Tories to win the next GE - and for many reasons nor do I even though I utterly detest this Government.

The problem with Britain is not a devious and treacherous ruling party but a weak opposition.

Fred said...

@anon 18:48
Actually Aitortxu is correct.

Google it.

For example the infant mortality rate in Cuba and Guam is BETTER than the US. Singapore has lowest infant mortality rate in the world (2.31 deaths per 1000 births). The US ranks at no 46 (6.26 deaths per 1000). And for those interested the UK is no 32 (4.85 deaths per 1000).

(Source CIA Factbook)