Sunday, 5 July 2009

I just wanted to go to bed

'It went like that.

It wasn't so much that the market collapsed, it just disappeared. It was Armageddon, that dramatic. One day you are worth £130million - as I was - then it is gone.

We didn't see it coming. When it hit, it was like trying to turn round an oil tanker. I've never been through anything quite like it. Every day, you'd see "down another million here, a million there". You'd think things couldn't get any worse, then the phone would ring.

I didn't tell Anthea the extent of it, at first. Then it was obvious we were going down. I didn't want to talk about it at home. Anthea is always so up. Her way of dealing with stuff is to say: "Come on, it will get better."

I just wanted to go to bed. I'd go to bed at 9pm so I didn't have to face what was happening."

Grant Bovery, talking about the collapse of his property empire.


AC said...

I read a story the other day blaming him for getting the tax payer on the hook for his business debts (via bank bailouts)

He may be a rubbish business man but it's not his fault the banks lent him a ton of money and the government took on the losses.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget when you vote next:

Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling sincerely believe that the problem with our economy is that banks aren't lending enough money to people like Grant Bovey, and that the answer is to give them our money, and then order them to lend.

Anonymous said...

Grant and Anthea are two classic middle class bullshitters. They deserve the meltdown (though don't forget: they still have a multimillion pound home to live in). The reckless lending denied us a proper market force: Anthea should have gone into porn years ago if there was any justice: she has that 'fresh' MILF look going on.