Monday, 13 July 2009

A £3,000 loss for every UK household

I fear that this £11bn estimate will be an under-estimate. Couldn't we just inflate this problem away? Well, the BoE are trying really hard.....

From Today's Telegraph....

The UK Government is sitting on losses of almost £11bn from its rescue of Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group and there will be no quick exit for the taxpayer, the body that manages the stakes warned today.

UK Financial Investments (UKFI) said in its annual report that its loss on the two stakes - 70pc of RBS and 43pc of Lloyds Banking Group - had reached £10.9bn at the end of June.

The losses, which are not yet realised, have been wracked up since Gordon Brown was forced to inject billions into the troubled lenders in October.

The investment, which amounts to more than £3,000 that each UK household, will not be quickly disposed of. The recession is continuing to hit both banks hard.


Anonymous said...

AC: "A £3,000 loss for every UK household"

Why are New Labour such F***toids?

Because all that debt should have stayed in private hands, but the idiots took it onto the public ledger.


Seema said...