Monday, 1 June 2009

Will Darling last until Thursday?

Does anyone seriously think he won't be out of a job by Friday.

From Today's Telegraph:

Mr Darling announced he will repay money to the taxpayer after The Daily Telegraph revealed he claimed Parliamentary expenses for a flat that he let to tenants while also claiming living allowances for his grace-and-favour home in Downing Street

In July 2007, 10 days after he became Chancellor, Mr Darling submitted a £1,004 claim for a service charge on his south London flat. It covered the six-month period to the end of December 2007.

MPs' expenses: One law for the rulers, and one law for the ruledMr Darling then moved into Downing Street and also began to claim second home allowances for his grace-and-favour apartments, meaning that costs relating to two of the Chancellor's homes were being met by the taxpayer at the same time.

Isn't it strange that Darling could comfortably write the most reckless budget in a century but keep his job. Yet when he was caught fiddling a thousand quid on his expenses, he sinks into trouble.


Anonymous said...

Of course he'll still be there.

Let's talk about house prices stabilising and the £ gaining ground on the $.

dearieme said...

It's election week, so on Monday morning it's Darling, on Tuesday morning it's Hoon. Who will it be on Wednesday and Thursday?

Markbaldy said...

If I were Darling, I would glad to be gone from that job.
Who in their right mind would want to be chancellor with that idiot Brown pulling the strings ?

Anonymous said...

Don't walk, run from the New Labour sinking ship. Darling would be wise to make his move now and get a decent sinicure somewhere for the benefit of his sanity and family. I lept from the cabal of creeps back in 2003: the writing was on the wall then that the PM-with-the-paedo-smile was only going to bring bad things. And so it has passed.