Wednesday, 24 June 2009

We are number one

(Click on the chart for a sharper image).

The UK has the largest fiscal deficit in the developed world. We are number one. Doesn't it make you proud?


RF said...

Great news!

dearieme said...

Gordon, Gordon, Gordon.
Out, out, out.

Anonymous said...

The UK has become a cesspit filled with 'eaters'. I see them every day in London: packed with people with no jobs and on one form of social assistance or another. If all these people were the economic jolt we are told they are supposed to be, then the economy wouldn't be so in debt.

Jo said...

Shouldn't that sub-header read General Gouvernement?

Anonymous said...


Mick said...

now let's see:

party vs country

Wonder which one Gordon'll go for.

fajensen said...


Gordon will go for no less than Blair went for - i.e. a 2 million-a-year 'job' in comfy surroundings where failure is the expected and accepted outcome (and taxation is low too).

Liam said...

Funny how most of the top debtors were also housing bubble countries.
Now we have to pay for the bubble no matter how many houses you own (or dont) and how much you gained or lost.

Everyone in Britain now has to pay through tax and currency devaluation, resulting in decreasing living standards especially for the young who didn't get in on the land-grab or the final salary pension schemes.

To hell with the UK, I'm not living here the rest of my life with a crippling debt around my neck just to live in a tiny crap house and paying huge taxes to fund a pension scheme I will never be part of.

Young people should just leave this place and let the those who remain rot in their bullshit economy.