Sunday, 28 June 2009

We all know what this means....

Be afraid, be very afraid......

(Many thanks to Iggy for sending this image to me. If anyone else sees anything interesting, please send it me here. I need all the help I can get)


Craig said...

Your doing well. What worries me us that even people with great insight and knowledge like yourself can't see very far around the corner. What are we looking at? A few more banks to go, a few more job losses.. Or are we talking collapsing governments and folding currencies? I still have not seen a fall in house prices yet (my local estate agents window)
I'm a bitter renter too, but wanting things to change doesn't make them change because us Brits seem good at pulling rabbits out the hat at the last minute.

Sureseam said...

On the one hand you are right to be afraid and on the other .... it looks too ""good"" to be true and probably is.

All too often these ads don't tell the whole story - like the 50% loan to value requirement or the 10K switchover cost or the need for parents to have a massive deposit with the same lender.

Anonymous said...

A response to your appeal for items and Craigs remark above:

A commentator with form (for getting it right – ahead of time) is now painting a picture of currency collapses.
Note the bit about embassies and the implications for sterling.

Now then – if I were sane - what would I do? Buy the Christmas presents now?

(BTW your mailto link is dodgy!)

Mick said...

You need help? Don't burst my bubble Alice. You are omnipotent, omniscient and draw one hell of a mean graph. Who could possibly ask for more.

But yes, I love your blog and shall email anything I come across that I think might interest you.



Anonymous said...

Share your thoughts: do you think the Labour government is considering a bank holiday like they are in the US? Do you think they will wipe out all cash savings and reset the economy to zero? By September 2009?