Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Moore has a new film

I don't agree with his politics, but I do enjoy the movies. I will definitely be going to see this one.


Anonymous said...

Fatboy rides out again.

K T Cat said...

Why poison your mind with Michael Moore? His movies mix distortions, lies, straw men and one-sided arguments. That nuggets of truth lie therein is no excuse for supporting him. I'm sure that at the molecular level, motor oil contains some vitamin content, too. However, drinking it seems like too a high a price to pay to obtain those nutrients.

Anonymous said...

@ K T Cat; Come on. Listening to people you disagree with helps you hone your arguments and refine your views.

'distortions, lies, straw men and one sided arguments'? Seems like you've spent more time listening to his detractors than MM himself. Sure, he's biased, or one sided, if you will, but from what I've seen, he puts more effort than most commentators into getting the facts he DOES bring up right.

And even when I think I'm pretty familiar with the subject matter beforehand, there's usually something in there that I didn't already know.

Plus, he's funny when he's being sarcastic.

Alice Cook said...

KT cat,

Personally, I feel confident enough about my own ideas to listen to alternative views.

I like Michael Moore. He can be wonderfully entertaining.


Anonymous said...

He is usually about 70 percent right and 30 percent bluster and bullshit. Now compare with Gordon Brown, who is 80 percent bluster and bullshit and 20 percent right. At least Americans work hard and mostly inform.