Monday, 8 June 2009

Dr. Seuss on Brown

Daniel Hannan asking Brown to go. (Thanks, electro-Kevin for the pointer.)


dearieme said...

I think it's God Zeus and Dr Seuss. But some people find it hard to distinguish "Dr" from "God", e.g. Dr James Gordon Brown.

Alice Cook said...


And the sad thing is that I have read many of Dr.Seuss' books and I still can't spell his name.

Its now corrected. Many thanks.


dearieme said...

My joke would have worked better if you'd left the title alone. :-)

Markbaldy said...

Mugabe is more popular than Brown, yet the man is in denial again.
He is in denial that it was HE that allowed reckless lending in the UK, yet he blames the US.
Someone please shoot the bast&rd !!!

Anonymous said...

Does his vocabulary and speech pattern remind you of Chris Eubanks?