Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The big mo for Brown to go

The momentum is building. Brown could be gone by Sunday. Labour MPs are tonight circulating a letter calling on the Prime Minister to resign. However, who would have thought that Hazel Blears would have dealt the killer blow?

The irony is delicious. For weeks, Brown has been working to undermine the Salford Scally. He singled her out to carry the can for the expenses scandal, leaving other equally tainted ministers to hide behind the abuse heaped on Hazel. However, today Hazel turned the tables and struck first.

Moreover, the post resignation smear campaign from Downing Street has backfired. Through the Telegraph, Brown tried to link Blears with further expenses problems. However, a large cohort of Labour MPs have seen through the tactic, creating the basis for the secret "Brown must go" letter.

Smear and personal abuse has been the trade mark of Brown. So it seems most appropriate that it finally brings him down.


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Anonymous said...

The email address for replys was given out on LBC this evening, I guess by mistake?