Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Lord versus the TV presenter

They just don't understand.....

(Thanks Kevin for the email)


roym said...

she should have deflected that question, as an agreed salary is not the same as a semi-fraudulent expense claim. if they dont like the MP salary, then pack it in and apply to become an autocue reader!

Anonymous said...

hummmmmm, so he thinks the press is un-democratic. Classic. This government wouldn't recognise a democracy if it bit them on the arse.

They really, really dont get it.

AntiCitizenOne said...

The license fee is a tax, so those paid by the BBC should reveal their cost to the public.

and so should MPs and Lords.

trimalchio said...

In any other circumstances, a fair point about BBC journos' salaries. For once though, they look like they're earning them.

"Sneer at democracy..."? Milord Foulkes seems to confuse himself (an unelected peer) with democracy. Do they understand the word?

dearieme said...

92k is a lot to pay a girl who can't ask a terse question. I'd do the job for 50k and would be vastly more entertaining.

electro-kevin said...

There is the fact that circa £60k isn't such an unusual salary nowadays - especially for a job of such short tenure. I know many grunts on this level of earning - even in recession.

The problem is not that the level of remuneration is too high (inclusive of 'expenses') but that the quality of our MPs is too low.

I feel that this is deliberate; a dependancy culture created within Parliament in order to subvert MPs - most of whom I don't doubt originally answered their calling with altruistic intent.

Parliamentary expenses is basically hush money. Hush from what ? Too deep for one comment here but I'm talking EU.

And my campaign. To spoil all EU voting papers with "I want a referendum on continued membership of the EU"

Why not vote UKIP to register an anti EU position ?

Once those Bisto kids smell the EU gravy they'll be as wayward as any other.

Why not vote BNP (heaven forbid) ?

Well now. What does the EU become all of a sudden when all of the people in all of the states decide in their frustration to protest and to vote extremist ?