Thursday, 14 May 2009

Westminster will never be the same


Anonymous said...

The government has implemented a total surveillance society to protect us against crime and terrorism, then using the same logic shouldn't all MP's, Lord's actions, conversations, emails, expenses, friends lists etc be automatically published to prevent abuse of democracy, which is surely worse than terrorism.

RF said...

A sad compendium of news clips.

Anonymous said...

"...What's really important to me .." is that I get re-elected at the next election. That's got to be worth £13,332, I call that an investment.

Two phrases.

'Money laundering regulations'


'Asset forfeiture leglislation'

Anonymous said...

I notice the BBC aren't too keen on their green footprint in the second clip.

Flying around in a light aircraft. That must have cost a ton of carbon.

Think of the poor polar bears.

Anonymous said...

They could enter "Britains Got Talent" as a fiddle orchestra to raise the money to pay us back!!!